Prescription drug prices definitely can vary. We encourage everybody to compare prices and check around.

Yes. Please talk to your pharmacist. Too few patients take advantage of the pharmacist’s knowledge and ask questions about non-prescription drugs and alternative therapies.

Your pharmacist’s main responsibility is to find, fix and prevent drug-related problems. Many medications can be used for more than one medical condition. In order to ensure that your medications are appropriate for you and that you will get the most benefit from them, your pharmacist has to understand why you are taking the medications.

We really encourage generic drug use. In fact, Generic drugs are required to have a very similar concentration of the same ingredients as brand-name drugs. Generic medications are also typically substantially cheaper, in which case, we encourage people to request generic drugs when possible.

Simply put, it all depends on what you’re taking as the answer may vary from drug to drug, not just antibiotics. If there is an issue drinking alcohol while on your medication, it will often be indicated on the label of your prescription. However, again, if you’re not sure or you want to confirm, check with your pharmacist.

The pharmacist will check with your health insurance provider to determine if your prescription is covered under your plan.

On the contrary, an essential part of our job as pharmacists is to talk to you and discuss any questions you may have about your medications.

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